Mens - The Outdoors Collection

The Great Outdoors

Fall 2016

It all started five years ago with a trip to the Valley to photograph our tailored take on the classic chamois shirt, the Yosemite Shirt. The initial success of that soft shirt inspired us to keep rethinking and improving the cornerstone pieces of classic outdoor apparel. Subtle changes to fit and design went a long way. Not only were friends and customers looking a whole lot sharper in their time off, but they were all of a sudden were able to wear their favorite outdoor gear to dinner and into the office and people were complimenting them left and right! This season's collection includes a handful of carefully designed women's pieces as well as some technical and traditional additions to the men's side.

We had an especially memorable trip to the valley with our friend Caydie McCumber this year. An outdoor photographer and avid climber, Caydie deftly outmaneuvered the throngs of visitors and lead us to serene swimming holes, humbling boulders, and a magical sunset dinner on top of Sentinel Dome. Later that night we found a generous parcel of camping paradise on some BLM land outside of the park and Caydie's friend Mike served up a choice soundtrack to accompany the show in the sky. No matter the conditions or time of the year, a trip to Yosemite is always good for the soul.

The Siskiyou Collection
Taylor Stitch - Abroad It's Sometimes Sunny in Reykjavík Call it climate change. "Call it the luck of the Icelandic." Whatever you call it, it made for a once-in-a-lifetime trip for our pal Kyle Meck. We sent Kyle some of our favorites from this year’s Outdoor Collection and let him test these pieces out in the regal landscapes at the edge of the earth.

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