The Cone Mills Utility Shirt

Back From The Grave

We’ve been waiting four years to make this shirt. 

Back in 2011 Cone Mills developed this amazing selvage indigo canvas based off a vintage Japanese apron. We sampled it, were blown away, and prepped an order. But suddenly it was gone. A critical supplier of indigo dyed cotton weft yarns had closed shop and there was nobody to pick up the slack.

Fast forward to August this year. We were flipping through the latest batch of Cone Mills samples and there it was, back from the grave, all heavily starched and dripping in indigo dye. A fresh supplier had finally picked up where the last folks left off and we jumped on the first production run. Now we’re ready to show it to you.

Meet the Utility Shirt in Cone Mills Selvage Indigo Canvas (a mouthful). This shirt is in the same pattern as our Swift Mills utility shirt from a few months back. It offers aluminum buttons, triple needle chainstitch construction, and more. The canvas will whisker in the arms, fade on the elbows and deliver great highs and lows throughout. The wear patterns will tell more stories than your drunk uncle on Thanksgiving… only they’ll be interesting stories.

To put the shirt through its paces, we met up with our pal Joseph Shoumake. He’s a woodworker at Stingray Workshop in San Francisco. He carted us down to Bayshore to visit Building Resources, an expansive yard sale for salvaged building materials. He told us you can score some incredible items if you keep your eyes peeled. We understood completely.

The Utility Shirt in Cone Mills Indigo Selvage Canvas The Utility Shirt in Cone Mills Indigo Selvage Canvas Proudly Handmade in California

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