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Idle Hands

January 2016

Our fall Work Oxfords sold out fast. Too fast. So, we figured y’all might be interested in a couple fresh iterations for the Spring — Sand and Steel.

The fabric is 40% heavier than our already burly Everyday Oxford. The yarns are nice and wide, offering a great textured look. To take the edge off, we stone washed this run for additional softness. Oh, and we reserved significantly more fabric, so have at it!

Remember that Moto boot you all loved? Well, we brought it back… with a few different details. We uncapped the toe and swapped the leather for natural Chromexcel from Horween in Chicago. Chromexcel will develop a crazy patina with many highs and lows. The unwaxed natural storm welt down through the sole will soak up oils and darken beautifully over time.

We hauled the Work Collection over to local artist Jason Jagel, a man talented beyond comprehension, for inspection. But rather than get down to business, we broke rank and left the studio for a little break and some mischief. All work and no play would make Jack a very dull boy, now wouldn’t it?

The Work Collection The Work Collection The Work Collection

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