2016 - Womens - Sailor Twitch Collection

Road Tripping

April 2016

San Francisco, despite all its amazing attributes, just isn’t an ideal summertime venue. Its beaches are often draped in clouds while the Pacific hovers at barely 60 degrees. Mark Twain may never have said it, but the old cliche holds true — some of the coldest winters we’ve ever felt were summers in San Francisco. So, as we looked to produce and shoot our latest summertime collection, we knew inspiration would come from beyond our beloved city’s limits. But where?

The answer became clear when we laid eyes on a beautiful but quirky ‘62 Ford Econoline Pickup. It’s a ride that would surely make your mother cringe. Power steering? No. Anti-lock brakes? Nah. Airbags? Definitely not. Disconcerting levels of rust? Oh yeah. So we did the only reasonable thing — offered cash. 50 years of wear be damned, the old girl made us want to drive.

To christen our purchase, we decided to hit the road on a surf trip  down the 1 and design our collection to match, drawing inspiration from classic surf style and the freedom of the open road.

Follow us as we unveil our latest collection and slowly take California’s coast by storm (top speed on the truck is only 55mph). Each week we’ll reveal more of our Sailor Twitch collection and share the highlights as we rolled from San Clemente to Bolinas. We encountered good times, better friends, and tasty waves as we explored over 600 miles of coastline.

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