Womens - Good Acre Collection

The Chore Collection

June 2016

Our Good Acre label was birthed during a dinner and wine with some workwear-loving friends. It started with a simple idea: a double-knee duck canvas pant that actually fit. A tough-as-nails sorta thing that you pretty much can't bust. 

The Good Acre name is meant to describe your little slice of workable paradise. It could be a sliver of an acre if you live in a city or it could be thousands of them if you live a bit further off the beaten path.

The collection is meant to be worked in but should hold it's own when it's time to head to town. Whether you're a full time carpenter or a casual wood worker, a farmer that spends all your long days in the field, or you're trying to simply get a few heirloom tomatoes off the vine come August, we're confident the Good Acre collection will help you complete whatever your chores may be.

Come hell or high water, you’ll be ready.

Womens - Good Acre Collection

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