Womens - The Moto Collection

Built For Making A Fast Exit

October 2016

For everything great that comes with living in this city, there's also an occasional nagging sensation of being caught up in something you can't control. To stave off these periodic bouts of big city doldrums, sometimes you just have to say "to hell with it," shirk that day's responsibilities, and make a fast exit.

With the notion of a last minute escape fresh on our minds, we set to work designing these pieces to help you heed the call of your rebellious side, no matter how you handle it.

The Moto Collection - 2016
Editorial Content Our First-Ever Women's Jean Ladies, meet the Adler, our first-ever women's jean. True to TS form, every inch of the the Adler is all-American-made. We could go on, but instead, we'll turn things over to our friends who gave this jean its first test run. Read The Story

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